Mary J. Blige Never Left

Mary J. Blige Never Left

Mary J. Blige is holding true to being a multifaceted entertainer. The musician who became the youngest and first female artist on Uptowns Records, in 1989, continues to influence the media industry from her performances to her business deals.

This past weekend, July 5-7, Blige continued her legacy by performing at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. This year marked the 25th anniversary of not just the festival but since the release of her second album: My Life.

Being harmonious with one’s self is exactly what she is doing. Mary J. is not only a singer and songwriter but a two-decade actress, recently doing notable roles in Umbrella Academy and Mudbound (two Netflix originals). Freshly, she secured a first-look TV deal with Lionsgate. Thus, under her new production company, Blue Butterfly, she is allowed to create new content for the various platforms.

Kevin Beggs, chairman of the Lionsgate Television Group, said:

“Mary is a very talented artist, fearless visionary and an incredible human being. We’re delighted to be working with someone with such a powerful and impactful creative voice. Every art she touches blossoms and we’re humbled she’s chosen us as her home. We look forward to all the exciting new content Mary and her Blue Butterfly banner will bring to our television slate and Lionsgate 360 orbit.”

Recently Blige was cast as Dr. Monroe for the film Pink Skies Ahead. This movie is about a college student who has to drop out of school due to anxiety disorder. Blige plays the therapist, who specializes in panic attacks, that assists the main character in managing her disorder.

And lastly, Blige is starring in season 3 of in the revamped TV series Scream. She plays the mother of Deion—Sherry Elliot —who is a star running back for his football team. However, his past threatens his future and the lives of the people around him. The mini-season Scream: Resurrection premieres tonight on VH1 at 9pm. The six episode season will run until Wednesday, July 10, with two one hour episodes per night.


[Originally posted on on July 8, 2019]

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