Actress, Producer Tangi Miller is Host of New Talk Show ‘Diva Talk’

Actress, Producer Tangi Miller is Host of New Talk Show ‘Diva Talk’

Tangi Miller has created a new talk show called “Diva Talk” that will stream on Fuzion Digital Media and other platforms. The show that premieres Thursday, August 8th at 8 pm will discuss topics including beauty/cosmetics, fashion/style, products and brands.

Miller is the CEO and founder of two production companies— Olivia Entertainment and Hollywood East— which is where the talk show gets its foundation.

The Atlanta-based talk show gets its framework from the producer’s scripted mini-series entitled “Diva Diaries” that discusses similar topics but in a scripted televised version. The award-winning actress who also stars in her productions, created the hour-long show as an extension of the series to allow weekly conversation amongst celebrity guests, specialists, and influencers.

This multifaceted entertainer did this to allow for in-depth conversations interpersonal communication with relation to these topics and more. The weekly show that will run for an hour will expand upon that dialogue to create more interpersonal interaction. Also, the show will allow entrepreneurs to market their brands to a female-based audience.

Miller said:

“To me, Diva isn’t defined as just your fashion or style. D-I-V-A means Developing-Internal- Values-Artistically. It’s the way you build your empire as a boss diva. Or the way you give back and become a social impact influencer diva. Or the way you lead the way in the arts, education, or sports as an empowerment diva. That’s what we call real style and being a Diva. Our guests and topics will reflect this new way of thinking and much more.”

Some streaming platforms that will air “Diva Talk” every Thursday include Spotify, iHeart Radio, Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube Lives.

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[Originally posted on on August 4, 2019]

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